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Hello Ladies, I am now using Neals Yard products in my services, and will be offering an Exclusive Egyptian facial with the Frankincense range, renowned and revered for its Anti ageing properties and healing effects. I am finding the Frankincense intense cream really good and feel a difference in my skin after a few weeks. To view or purchase Neals Yard products go to this link

I am now using Frederick Mahora cosmetics these are very good quality products and cruelty free. I use the perfume, mascara, lipstick, powder and the eyeliners. If you would like to see the brochure I order from let me know.

Their mascara was also a big hit with me and is by far, the BEST I have come across. Ease of application, drying time, added length and it even gives your bottom lashes a new lease of life. Very Impressed and so easy to take off with NYR eye make-up remover, very gentle for anyone with sensitive eyes like myself. Top class!

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