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I have an online Folksy shop online  and have a range of designed and handcrafted items made from mixed media and highland seaglass also  newly designed Thistle and Kessock bridge mugs as shown in the images across, magnets, cards and lots of pendants, brooches have a look online and message first if your local to Inverness delivery can be arranged, I can offer one to one Painting or craft sessions if this is something you'd like to try? Art has a very therapeutic effect and can really help to switch off from every day demands, if you feel it's something you would enjoy let me know what you wanted to experiment with or try out and I'll see if I can help. I

like to work with, watercolour, acrylics, pastel, air drying clay, sea glass, seapottery and other mediums in my designs. Its nice to work with one medium at a time to begin and later you can maybe combine them,  

£25 per hour or 2 hours at £40. I have trained up to degree level in Art but continue to learn and teach myself new techniques. This is just a snapshot of some of my finished and practise pieces.

So, if there is something you'd like to try then feel free to enquire about it and what your looking for and we can book you in for a session when it suits.

During the the covid pandemic I spent more time on my art and crafts and I sell it online find it in the link below If your local just get in touch direct and I can deliver save postage etc you might like to browse my online Neals Yard Remedias shop you can order skincare, aromatherapy oils, body care products, vitamins and health products here… or get in touch and I can place your orders for you and deliver it, you can order various body care creams the soaps and deodorant are great from my website, also lots of beautiful organic cruelty free products* order as a customer on my website and it can be delivered from NYR to your address. I always use Neals Yard as a therapist in my mobile Beauty business and also love it for myself, The wild rose beauty balm is brilliant, and I use the pillow mist always as it help me sleep, my friends, clients, and family also love it. call 07758 321413 or pm me on my Express beauty page on facebook or if you have any queries on skin care issues, essential oils, vitamins for wellbeing and suchlike.… I also have been making youtube videos on health and beauty, and other topics, if you type JanineHyslop into youtube you can see them there. Looking forward to seeing you all hopefully soon!

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