Express Beauty -  Salon Beauty treatments in the comfort of your own surroundings
Express Beauty's holistic approach to Beauty.. along with Skintruth's vision to fuse beauty and well being offer a sensory skin care experience, promoting a sense of balance and harmony. These facials are deeply, cleansing relaxing and nourishing. Treatment is 1 hour. New advances in Skintruth skincare means that the new Specialized facials have active masks that can really rejuvenate the skin. For instance Collagen Mask with plant stem cells is ideal for a mature skin that is stressed.The peel off Algae Mask is ideal for even the most sensitive skin and gives a bright toned and youthful result.
 The Super Collagen Mask with Hibisculent + visibly increases the smoothness of the skin, improves moisture levels and elasticity and skin flexibility. These Facials start at £32.
Skin Truth is a professional skincare range which unifies naturally derived and scientifically advanced ingredients to optimise skin care, taking it to new levels.It offers exceptional quality throughout its range, with extracts from nature and essential oils. The products offer benefits and solutions for your unique requirements.
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